1. Software

1) 100% solution for remote control
2) General format like NEC, RC 5, Toshiba, Mitsuibishi are no problems
3) Modified and upgraded format like RC 6 and new NEC format are no problem.
4) Wirekey board like 4ppm and others are no problem.
5) Anything the engineers needs, we can make it.
6) We can develop any kinds of application i.e. Car navigation, Home automation,
   LCD remote control even Learning remote control

2. Hardware

1) Mold design
   It is done by the staffs who have worked for LG design R&D (Electronic Div)
2) Molding,
   It is made by the special molding company who is only making remote control mold.
3) Name plate,
   If the customer just give the specification without any letter font and size,
   our staffs are making this item which will be satisfied to customers.
   Two types of name plate are available. PC type and Aluminum type
4) Rubber,
   Finishing with soft touch and clean silk print.
5) PCB Drawing,
   We always consider low voltage consumption for battery life.

3. Manufacturing,

   We follow AQL standard.-
   100% code checking. Drop test. Distance test.

   Defected goods are changeable if any. (without any excuse)

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