- 1997 Feb, established the company as ENES Corporation (www.nsremote.com)
- 1997 June, started export business to U.S.A
- 1997 July, supplied our models to ANAM Electronics (VCR Division)
- 1998 Feb, supplied our models to SSANGYOUNG Corp (SAT Division)
- 1999 May, started export to England
- 1999 Oct, established the manufacturing company as a sister company.
- 2000 Mar, launched Universal remote control for Domestic market.
- 2000 Sept, manufactured caller-ID products
- 2001 Apr. started our models to U.A.E.
- 2002 Dec, exceeded U$2,000,000 as a sales volume per year.
- 2003 Feb, started JOG Shuttle remote control for Car Navigation application
- 2003 Mar, developed learning remote control for Home automation application
- 2003 May, developed the new remote control for PDP, LCD TV application
- 2003 June, developed LCD remote control for Air-conditioner application
- 2003 Aug, will rename the company name as I.R.S.

  We are focusing on the customer's special needs and demands.
  Especially URC is our preferable item and Any inquiries for URC are mostly welcome.

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