1. TV
2. VCR : Anam applied our model for Export model (Noblex brand)
3. Cable TV : England customer is buying our model (SA8650N)
4. Digital audio receiver : Dell used to buy our model www.dell.com
5. DVDP : Anam used to buy our model www.anam.co.kr
6. DVR : most of name valued Korean manufacturers are using our models.
7. Cyber education : 128 or even 256 different code can be remit.
8. Karaoke system : Assa is our long term customer www.assa.co.kr
9. Hi-fi audio (high end products)
10. PDP TV / LCD TV (www.digitaldevice.co.kr)
11. Toys
12. Medical
13. Automotive (www.autosound.co.kr)
14. Home automation (Portugal Ermax Ltda)
15. Web TV set top box
16. Teleconferencing / Computer conferencing

Infraed remote control development for most applications
Quantities from2 prototypes to 100,000 units or more
Other services include
Learning remote micros and software
Proprogrammed remote libraries
Embedded control modules
Wireless keyboards and pointing devices for web TV and set-top boxes

Please contact us anytime webmaster@nsremote.com (Mr. S.M. Yun)

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More special, technically having problems, please contact my partner in U.S.A
Mr. Chester Graves jr. sales@infraredremote.com (headache problem)
He will give you the clean answer.

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